18 Dec 2007 - Münster (by Dominik)

first (commandline)client demo

This screencast shows a very early version of our sync client. So far there's no graphical user interface. We just wanted to share this video with you as a little non-vaporware proof. What actually happens in the video is the following:

  • the client uploads the local addressbook to the server
  • the local addressbook is deleted
  • the client runs again and fetches all the previously uploaded records from the server

Even in this early version we already support every entity of the addressbook, including the custom entities. Just in case you wonder, why the client fetches all the records from the server during the second run instead of deleting them on the server as well (this is what would happen in a real sync): we cheated a bit. the second time the sync-client is invoked, it gets a special parameter that forces the client to rebuild the addressbook with the data stored on the server.

About Dominik

Dominik started fruux back in 2007. He's a lawyer that writes code and has Amazon subscriptions for stuff that normal people buy in the supermarket. Follow him on Twitter or contact him via e-mail.

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