25 Sep 2008 - Münster (by Dominik)

Is XMPP popular? Who knows? We do!

Did we mention, that we don't really like those proprietary IM protocols? We wanted to know how popular our favorite protocol XMPP (a.k.a. Jabber) actually is, so we gathered some ANONYMOUS statistics from our systems. While XMPP in it's early days was a "geek-only protocol", it actually looks like it's on a triumphal course (our current userbase probably consists of a lot of geeks, but since most of us still have several "normal people" in our addressbooks, those stats are actually representative).

XMPP is close on AIMs heels. 27% of our users IM contacts are XMPP contacts. Thats great! Our educated guess is: In one or two years XMPP will be in the pole position!

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