17 Dec 2012 - Münster (by James)

The fruux holiday promo (with a massive discount!)

Both Christmas and New Year are closing in on us. We've had a pretty crazy 2012, and we've been working hard over this past year to make our product even better. We would like to thank you for all your support and valuable feedback so far.

Of course, we love rewarding loyalty, so therefore we've prepared an exciting offer that we think you're all going to like. Starting today and up till the end of 2012, we're giving you a half year of fruux Pro for free! So, instead of our regular price (EUR 40 yearly), you'll get one full year for just EUR 20 (about USD 25). Surely that's far better than some of the presents Santa is going to bring you! Let's see what you'll get:

Easily share your stuff with others

With fruux, we've tried to make sharing your content with others really easy. You can invite whoever you want to your calendars, such as your family, friends and co-workers and they'll be able to see it on whatever device they are using – in real-time too. You can also choose what they can do with your calendar – either read-only or read-write access. We're also working on address book sharing, so pretty soon you'll be able to do the same thing with your contacts as well. And with Pro, you can share with others until the cows come home – there's absolutely no limit at all.

Get all of your devices in sync

We as a team have tried to build a system that's reliable and easy to setup and use – with a mighty fine interface thrown in for good measure. fruux is based on open standards, CardDAV and CalDAV, so unlike other services your data won't be locked down on a proprietary platform and can also be used with an ever-growing number of devices and applications. With our Pro version, you can keep up to 10 devices in sync with each other (unlike the Basic version, which only supports three).

Never lose a thing

We know how annoying it is to lose your contacts, appointments and to do items, so that's why we're backing up this information close to our heart. Whenever you make a change to anything, our system automatically archives a secure backup copy – just in case. And we also plan to add a "go back in time" feature as well, so if you want to find out the telephone number for an old contact from work, then fruux all allow you to do this. With Pro, your data will not only be super safe under strict lock and key, but you'll also have a way of accessing data that you thought was long gone.

Sounds good?

We hope you like our special offer! If so (and you want to upgrade) then just log in and upgrade to pro. Hurry, though, because there are only a few days left until this fine year (and fine offer) are over. As a small business it would mean the world to us (and means you don't have to buy us a Christmas present, either).

Keep on free-riding?

If you don't feel like upgrading now, but still don't want to miss out on sharing with others, then we have a tell-a-friend system that allows you to earn additional free shares. Unfortunately, this is not as awesome as our special offer but it still allows you to go way beyond a normal free account. If you spread the love about us to your friends and family we'll say thanks. So for every person who signs up, we'll give you a free share just like that. No questions asked. Just log in and start earing free shares

Happy holidays!

We hope you had a great year and would like to wish you a happy holiday and all the best for 2013! We certainly have a lot of new stuff in the pipeline for the next year, and who knows - maybe there will be even another big release this year. Cough fruux team cough.


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