19 Mar 2009 - Münster (by Dominik)

Selective syncing sneak preview

One feature that is constantly requested is (what we call) "selective syncing". This feature will allow you to selectivly sync your data classes. You might want to keep your contacts and calendars in sync between your Mac at work and your Mac at home, but eventually you'd like to have individual bookmarks on both machines. Currently (v0.9.4) it's not possible to select the data classes that get synced - it's "all or nothing". Selective syncing is actively in development and will (hopefully soon) give you a much more individual syncing setup. Additionally it allows us to implement new "niche features" (like preferences and keychain syncing) on top of selective syncing.

(Preference syncing is not necessarily included in our next release, the screenshot is from our internal development version)

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