24 Sep 2012 - Münster (by James)

Getting things done in style. Sync and share your todo lists with fruux.

One of the lesser-known features of the latest OS X update, 10.8.2, which was released on Wednesday via Apple's Software Update is the ability to share your reminder list with anyone via e-mail. fruux already works with Reminders in both OS X and iOS but now, just like your calendars, you can share your reminders list with anyone, so long as you know their e-mail address.

This is great for a number of different situations. Let's take an example here: two freelancers, Johnny and Martin, are both working on the same project for a client yet they are both based in different areas. Both of them want to collaborate on an important project for a client, which is due for completion shortly, however there are still a number of tasks that need doing before the project can be submitted.

Of course, they could both do it via e-mail and/or telephone calls, but this seems all a bit 2004, and now there's a better way to do it, using the Reminders app in OS X and fruux.

Johnny creates a list of reminders in the Reminders app of OS X, which he then sends to Martin by hovering over the list, clicking on the share icon next to it and entering Martin's e-mail address.

Martin then receives an e-mail notifying him that Johnny has shared a reminder list with him. He is also notified within fruux by way of a simple notification and via a notification in OS X.

All he then has to do is click on Accept and the list will automatically be synchronised into his Reminders app. Just like our shared calendars feature, any changes will automatically be pushed across all the devices that are setup with fruux, so both Johnny and Martin can mark tasks off even when they're not in the office or at their computer.

You don't have to limit it to a business sense, either. You could even create, say, a group shopping list to avoid people buying the same item or missing one out, or if you are trying to organise something within your family. So long as you've got a list of tasks for a group of people, we can help you out.

And with us, it's all tightly integrated into the applications you already use and love, so there's no need to mess around with any third party apps and because the todo list synchronization is fully based on the open standard CalDAV, your data won't be locked into a proprietary format so you'll know that you'll always have access to it.

If everyone you're inviting is already using fruux, then you can all start sharing reminders in a couple of mouse clicks. Go ahead: create a list and share it with the world, who knows what you'll achieve with it?

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