04 Jan 2013 - Münster (by Evert)

fruux for teams

We've been in beta for a few weeks now but today we're really excited to officially announce our team product, which is available straight away!

What does it all mean?

When we launched our Basic and Pro accounts last year, one common complaint that we had was that it's hard to deploy fruux in business settings. Individual members of a team all had to get a pro account setup seperately and there was no easy way to discover and setup team calendars.

So today, we've solved this with our new team product.

Team administration

Using the Team administrator, you can easily add new members to your team. Every member gets all of our pro features automatically and you can also choose whther a member has administration rights or not.

Team calendars and address books

Using fruux team, you can easily create calendars and address books for your entire company. Team members can find these in the fruux interface.

For example, here's our calendar we use to communicate when we're out of the office:

Team members can click 'Add to my calendars' to make sure the calendar shows up in their calendar lists everywhere.


If you have other people managing your scheduling, or you simply want to allow other people to look into everything you're up to, you can delegate all you calendars to your team members.


For clients that support it, you can now easily check whether your teammates have enough time for meetings.

The information is anonymous, so your teammates cannot find out what you're doing – just that you're busy.


The team product is an accumulation of everything we wanted to do for the year 2012, and we're quite proud of what it's become. We're not done though; we'll of course continue to expand our product!

We hope you like it. If you want to see what it's all about, you can sign up for a free trial at http://fruux.com/. Just log in, and click 'Add a team' in the web interface.

If you have any questions or concerns, then why not drop us a line!

About Evert

Evert loves to write code, and everything related at fruux. He suffers from a severe case of semantic satiation of everything calendar related, and has an unrequited love for ice tea. Follow him on Twitter.

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