29 Apr 2013 - Münster (by Evert)

Syncing calendar subscriptions

Due to popular demand: since a few days it's possible to sync your calendar subscriptions with fruux.

This feature is only implemented by iCal on your Mac and on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch running iOS 7, but as more clients start supporting this, we hope this will expand further.

When you subscribe, you will be given the option to store the subscription in fruux. That's all you need to do to get this going. If you also own an iPad or iPhone, the subscription will automatically show up there as well.

If you'd like to subscribe to your country's public holidays, Mozilla has a great list of holiday calendars and iCalShare has an even more massive list of subscribable calendars, including local events listings and lots of sport schedules.

And of course, using the public calendar feature in fruux, you can also create your own for others to subscribe to :).

Speaking of which, we've updated this feature as well. We now try to guess the correct timezone for your calendar, and rather than having all your calendars show up as UTC, it should be the correct timezone.

About Evert

Evert loves to write code, and everything related at fruux. He suffers from a severe case of semantic satiation of everything calendar related, and has an unrequited love for ice tea. Follow him on Twitter.

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