10 Dec 2013 - Münster (by Dominik)

Public calendars reloaded

Today we're landing a huge new release. Besides an uncountable number of performance tweaks and bugfixes we're releasing our beautiful new public calendar. If you already have an account, go ahead and give it a try!

The initial version of the public calendar feature along with an update went live a little over a year ago.

Over the course of these months, you've found all sorts of creative use cases. We've seen sports club publishing their training schedules, businesses announcing when and where they are offering their services, friends traveling the world and planning when they'll meet again, teachers and professors keeping their students updated on their lectures, accountants and lawyers telling their clients when they have available slots for meetings and many many other ways to use the feature like e.g. Armin here in the screenshot informing other basketball nerds when games are aired on tv.

Our webapp got a full relaunch since then and many new features such as the contacts app, but we're not done yet. We've mentioned it earlier and also many of you requested the feature: Allowing you to manage your calendars not just on your devices, but also directly in our webapp has a top spot on our todo lists.

Being huge fans of incremental progress we're not only giving you a sneak peek at a few mockups of the upcoming calendar app, but instead fully integrated what's already done with the public calendar feature. Starting today being creative with calendars is even prettier and handier! It supports everything you'd expect: month-, week-, day- and a list-view and events come in the beautiful color you've picked for your calendar. :)

We hope you'll like the new public calendar feature and that it wasn't too obvious that I had to rush writing this post a bit: We just couldn't wait to continue working on it to show you the full calendar webapp soon. :)

About Dominik

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