11 Jul 2014 - Münster (by Dominik)

Enhanced team management

We're happy to show you a huge improvement to fruux team today. Our team product is the right choice to manage address books, calendars and task-lists in your organization.

Permissions for your team

The new team management feature makes it easy to configure exactly who in your team has access to which address books, calendars and task-lists and set default permissions for new members joining your team.

New fine grained permissions:

  • Read-only.
  • Read-write.
  • No access.

Easier administration

With our enhanced team admin you now also have full control over what you want to show up on the devices of your team, massively reducing the time to get a new user in your team up and running and making your life easier.

Design update

Today we're also shipping an all around design update to the whole web application, making everything much easier to use and navigate and at the same time giving it a much lighter and cleaner look and feel.

Updates include:

  • Cleaner menus.
  • Much cleaner contacts, calendar and tasks webapp.
  • Completely overhauled address book, calendar and task details.
  • Redesigned public calendars.
  • Better looking avatar.
  • Now also beautiful on mobile devices.

We hope you'll enjoy these great updates to fruux. We've now shifted our focus back to adding a few missing features to our calendar web app (most notably the currently missing edit mode) and hope to have some updates there for you really soon.

About Dominik

Dominik started fruux back in 2007. He's a lawyer that writes code and has Amazon subscriptions for stuff that normal people buy in the supermarket. Follow him on Twitter or contact him via e-mail.

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