25 Feb 2016 - Münster (by Dominik)

Baïkal joins our open source projects

Baïkal Logo

For a long time Baïkal has been one of the most popular implementations of sabre/dav, one of our many open source projects and a core component of fruux. Baïkal fills one of the biggest gaps that out-of-the-box sabre/dav has: an easy to use installer and admin interface. It's the best choice if you're looking to host a light-weight CardDAV/CalDAV server yourself.

However, since a little while the Baïkal project has stagnated a bit and thus many users were on older versions of sabre/dav. To change this, we had a talk with the lead maintainer for Baïkal (Jérôme Schneider from Netgusto), and proposed to bring Baïkal under the 'sabre.io' umbrella of projects.

What this means in practice is that:

  • We're moving the existing website and documentation over from baikal-server.com to sabre.io.
  • We're now helping with support, and already closed over a hundred tickets.
  • We're taking over maintenance of Baikal 0.x, and already did the first few new releases.
  • Eventually we will release a 1.0 version of Baikal, unless Baikal 2 is ready first.

This blog post is based on Baïkal joins sabre.io over in our sabre.io blog, which you should read for all the details.

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